The Church of the Nativity worships in the Episcopal tradition,

using the Book of Common Prayer. Our worship is liturgical, meaning we follow the same pattern for our weekly services. We use written prayers, some of them ancient and some contemporary. Our worship service begins with the Liturgy of the Word which includes several passages of scripture, a sermon, creed and prayers.

The culmination of our worship is Holy Communion (also known as Holy Eucharist),

the sharing of the Body and Blood of Christ.

Weekly Schedule

Holy Eucharist (Communion): Sundays, 10 am

Sacraments and Services


Baptism is the service in which we publicly proclaim our adoption as children of God

and as a congregation promise to support the newly-baptized in the Christian life.

Baptism is open to all people.

You may contact Mother Roxanne, 606-564-5850 or

rector@churchofnativity.org to schedule a baptism.



We are happy to walk with you as you prepare to publicly affirm your commitment

to your life partner before God. Please contact Mother Roxanne at: 

606-564-5850 or rector@churchofnativity.org

to learn more about the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage.



The Church of the Nativity is honored to present with those who are experiencing grief.

Contact Mother Roxanne, 606-564-5850 or rector@churchofnativity.org

if you are in need of assistance with the funeral of a loved one or friend.