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Every day, Americans receive numerous solicitations for money. Some of these are from well-established charitable organizations that are doing good things to help deserving people. Other solicitations are less than honorable and take advantage of the innocent. The result of this can lead to a level of cynicism that makes some indifferent to the real, compelling needs of others.

It's often said that gifts to local charities have the greatest, most visible impact on a community. Believing this, we encourage you to look around our community. Think about which organizations are doing good work for God's people. There are many.

For over 180 years Church of the Nativity has served and continues to serve the people of Maysville and Mason County with worship services and out-reach ministries that address the needs of those seeking God and those who've been changed by God's love. Your gift to Church of the Nativity will make a difference that you can see first-hand. Thank you for supporting our vital mission and ministry.



U.S. Post

You can simply mail your check payable to Church of the Nativity, 31 East 2nd St., U.S. Box 3, Maysville, KY 41056



Click the icon to the left to print out an easy-to-fill-out form that allows you to describe your gift and good intentions.


By Email

You can send us an email to: Let us know what you're thinking. We'll reply as soon as possible. 



JSYK: Short message services are by far one of the most popular forms of communication today. Simply text us your interest in supporting our church. 

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